Great Lakes General Agency acquires Commerce Insurance Agency

Commerce is excited to announce that we have been acquired by Great Lakes General Agency effective March 15, 2018. Our expertise in trucking insurance, service and dedication to our agency partners make us a natural fit with Great Lakes General Agency's deep roots in transportation, vision and geographic presence. Learn more about this transition.


If you have any questions, please contact Joelle Hayes (800.356.8029 x140), Lily Hayes (800.356.8029 x141) or Sandy Querry (800.356.8029 x142).

The Commerce Network is dedicated to the Trucking Industry and has the history to prove it. We will continue to add New markets and develop additional services to better the lives of the very important Trucking Industry and You, the Transportation Insurance Producer.  

The worst advice may just be, "follow your Passion."

Why is that not good advice?

In the words of self made Millionaire and Business Genius, Mark Cuban...

Because, everyone has a passion. Sometimes that passion is not worth a nickel.

Think about what you have been able to make success from, if you really want to know where your destiny lies.

Follow your Effort.

It may be the best indication of where your future lies.

Joelle, Sandy, Lily and Hazel are proud to announce the much anticipated Reincarnation of the Commerce Team. 

Custom Trucking Products and Services available only through Commerce Insurance Agency, Inc.

Est. 2012

Serving PA, MD, OH, WV, MS and NJ


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Visit us at:

2850 N. Market St. 

Elizabethtown, PA 17022


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